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Follow Me to Palm Springs (2022)  

Travel Guide

There is only one word that describes Palm Springs… PARADISE!  There is a peacefulness being in the desert that is hard to describe but readily apparent upon arriving.


Follow Me to Palm Springs Travel Guide provides pictures and pages of information about local experiences like “The Sport of Kings” called Polo,  the nearby Joshua Tree National Park, the world’s largest rotating tramcar at the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, the gigantic Marilyn Monroe statute and much more.  When you need refueling, restaurants abound to satiate your taste buds morning, noon, and night.


With over 300 days of sunshine, beautiful, picturesque sunsets and sunrises against the breathtaking mountains, over 100 lush golf courses, thousands of places to enjoy culinary art, scenic hiking and biking trails, yearly international festivals; open spaces of vibrant, colorful flowers, an abundance of crystal-clear relaxing pools, it’s hard to believe one cannot find something new to experience while visiting the Palm Springs area.

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Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone(2022)

74 Thoughts, Epiphanies, Affirmations and Prayers to Help You Heal

Life Begins at the End of your Comfort Zone is a collection of 74 thought provoking essays comprised by Irene Resendez-Hall spanning over 36 years.

A variety of thoughtful, stimulating subjects like “How can I serve today?” are covered and as one reads, they get the feeling that it was written just for them. Feel free to read this book page-by-page or just open the book to any page and let that be your intention for the day.

There are thoughts to wake up to, thoughts to go to sleep with, and thoughts for any time in between to ponder. Begin to feel more joy, peace, and harmony in your life.

Each single page essay is a mini lesson which can be read and assimilated within minutes. Your thoughts may be written at the end of each essay providing the idea of “instant inspiration”.

  • 74 thought provoking single page essays providing instant inspiration

  • Express your own thoughts at the end of each page

  • Simple, easy to read format

  • Learn a deeper level of self-care

  • Gain confidence in their own inner guidance system

  • Overcome resistance to change

  • Boost self-esteem

  • Cultivate love and compassion in your relationships with self and others

The refreshing, reassuring perspective on life found in Life Begins at the End of your ComfortZonecan help us meet life's challenges and build a foundation for regaining your direction in life.

For 36 years, my mentor, Irene Resendez-Hall, provided healing services at her healing arts center in Palm Springs, California.

The most wonderful and diverse people came to her from all over the world. They all had one thing in common; they just wanted to feel better… without medication.

Irene would honestly say she learned more from her clients than any book, seminar, or workshop. Much of her treasured healing rituals came from her collection of thoughts, epiphanies, affirmations, stories, and prayers which came from all over the world and which she bestowed upon you before you left her center.

Irene, with her motherly love, enjoyed empowering and helping you discover who you really were. “I’m in my right place moving toward my true place.” She never told you what to do, only guided you to your Highest and Best Good.

I was one of those clients, who came like a bird who hit her window with broken wings. While Irene was helping me regain my wings with her motherly love, empowerment and guidance, something unexpected happened – a great friendship began, and we started to help each other. I blossomed and learned from her teachings for 7 years.

When my wings finally returned, it was time for Irene to go. She transitioned on Mother’s Day 2021.

By sharing Irene’s healing writings, my desire is for you to discover how to regain your wings again. May you find our own beauty, love and joy and awaken a new awareness within you.

Feel free to read this book page-by-page or just open the book to any page and let that be your intention for the day.

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Helping You Heal Gratitude Journal(2021)


What exactly is Gratitude? Gratitude means counting your blessings, being thankful, and acknowledging things that you receive.

It is noticing those simple pleasures in your life.

Gratitude means learning to live a kind of life as if things were miracles, and it also means being fully aware on a continuous basis about how much you have been given.

The Helping You Heal Gratitude Journal is a 90 day journal designed to bring conscious awareness and gratitude of the events taking place in your life.

A Gratitude Journal forces us to make it a habit and pay attention to the good things in our life we might otherwise take for granted.

Research suggests keeping a journal has a positive effect on one’s psychological, physical, and emotional well-being.
So, by regularly recording 3 items that one is grateful for, you will improve and strengthen your physical and psychological health.


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